About Geeli Mitti

Permaculture Farm . Learning Center . Social Welfare . Artisanal Products

Imagine it’s the first full shower after a parched brutal summer. Imagine the earth drinking up the bounty from the skies slaking her thirst. Imagine the leaves turning a fresh green with the weight of the past washed away. Imagine children playing with paper boats in the creek. Imagine the chickens and the goats and the ducks and the horses and the cows running in the paddock. And now close your eyes, cup your hands around the steaming mug of ginger tea while you sit on the open window seat and take a deep breath in…the smell of rain soaked soil!

Geeli Mitti (translated as ‘wet earth’) is a longing for the earth, a calling to go back to our roots, an affirmation towards earth care and repair. It is a developing Permaculture Farm and a learning centre set in a remote village near Nainital where people connect with nature using hands-on experiential education.

Through our engaging events and education programs, we inspire individuals to become stewards of the earth. We create opportunities for growth through community service and personal interactions with animals. We value sustainability and believe in chasing happiness.

Geeli Mitti is an aspiring homestead moving towards self sustainability through natural building, organic farming, raising livestock, food preservation and flavouring it all with fun and adventure.

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