Meet the Geeli Mitti Team!

Shagun Singh

I am a former champion of the rat race, current Farmstress, Adventuress and Warrioress. I am an old soul trying to recreate the homesteading life from 100+ years ago. I am a witch polishing my crystals on the full moon and planting seeds on the new moon. I am a fan of humaneness and kindness and manners. And I started Geeli Mitti as a secret place to reconnect with nature and believe in magic!

Kunwar Singh

 I am the CEO of Geeli Mitti and everyone knows that. I am THE KING, a local pahadi dog and I  adopted all of them that you see here. My meals are served to me whichever part of the land I might be snoozing at, which is usually right in the middle of work! I am always busy receiving hugs and cuddles, infact Love is my middle name. I always accompany everyone for every walk and escort them to the Temple too when they leave. 


 Behind my tough big dog look (well I am a St. Bernard after all), I am actually nice and sweet. I can be a little grumpy and scare the shit out of you if you don’t have experience with dominance training. My parents are back in Delhi and they left me here coz I couldn’t bear that sick hot city anymore.  Food can make me your friend and convert me into a big puppy rolling on the ground. And am quite fond of Ganesh waise. 


 God knows how these people would do any of their natural buildings and all that jazz if I wasn’t around to help bring up all the clay and sand and groceries from the road below. My beautiful tingling bells announce my arrival. If you give me beans and apples, I might even consider giving you a short ride.


Our sweet sweet Chutki…how you won our hearts in just a few days and left it weeping. Thank you for making us a part of your life though just for 10 days. You are remembered and missed so so much darling…


We found Chutki almost dead on the road, paralysed, mouth tightly locked frozen and revived with a lot of love and energy. She started eating, walking and just when we thought she’d make it, she couldn’t. Buried behind the Earthbag Golghar, she’ll always be the first Grand Dame of Geeli Mitti and the most loved. 


I have a lot of talent, energy and experience – from knowing 200 sandwich varieties, teaching kids, natural building, leading treks to managing visitors, I am full of good vibes and laughter. I came as a participant for the Earthbag Build and made Geeli Mitti my home Keep. your eyes open when working around me, I am a professional cob thrower.



 I am the ‘sous chef’ and help Dayal in the kitchen. I am also the ‘chapati’ expert and don’t even need a belan to make some ragi rotis. I like giving advice, have a sweet smile and take Bruno for his walks coz he’s a city boy who can’t be left to his devices.


 You can spot me from far away just by hearing my laughter, be careful, it is contagious! Devi Maa, crocodile, lion…give me some ‘Geeli Mitti’ and I will transform it into something beautiful.  Oh, and I also know quite a few dirty jokes, hehehe but am shy at first.


 I’ve been here from the start, yup right since Day 1 and I know everything. All day long everyone keeps asking Dayal bhaiya where is the screwdriver, Dayal daju turn on the water, Dayal da when will food be ready… I am the Head Chef as well and the magician to make available fruits and curd et all from the city 20kms away. 


 I am the eldest and wisest, also an expert with stones but that’s not all. I am an expert with healing all kinds of bodily and bone pains and local herb treatments. I do not believe in carrying a mobile phone so if you need me, just hope that I turn up that day. 


 I am Dayal’s elder brother and also look after Sundar. I work with Naveen, Mahesh and Govind on whatever project we are handling. All of us are locals and learning about these beautiful techniques and help the teams as needed.


 I am the DJ, always ready to shake a leg and teach a few cool moves. I love doing the ‘nagin’ dance on the floor. And when all of that isn’t keeping me busy, I go back to being the carpenter with my music always blaring on the speaker.


 I am the tallest around here and yes that is a needed skill, especially when we are tying tarps around for shade and climbing trees. I am the stone-man, I mean the expert stone layer, whether that is dry stone walls, stone foundations, stone retaining walls and what have you. 


 My house is the farthest from the rest of the team so I have to leave at 5pm everyday to get home before dark. I am very hard working, tireless and have a cool hairstyle being amongst the youngest. No job is too big for me.