Cob Homes around the World


Ianto and Linda run the Cob Cottage Company and this is their beautiful Cob home

One of the most artistic Cob homes, Goatlings, built by master woodworkers Lisa and Rich

Labour of love of experienced self-builder, Bogdan Pekalski. 6 years and lots of trial and error made a dream possible, the Hobbitowa

Gobcobatron is a small Cob home built by Ziggy over 2008-2009. Documented step by step in detail and one of the most featured

The word Cob comes from an old English root meaning a lump or rounded mass. Cob building uses hands and feet to form lumps of earth mixed with sand and straw, a sensory and aesthetic experience similar to sculpting with clay. Cob is easy to learn and inexpensive to build. Because there are no forms, ramming, cement or rectilinear bricks, cob lends itself to organic shapes: curved walls, arches and niches. They are naturally cool in summer, warm in winter. It has been used for millennia even in the harshest of climates. This ancient technology doesn’t contribute to deforestation, pollution or mining nor depend on manufactured materials or power tools. Earth is non-toxic and completely recyclable. In this age of environmental degradation, dwindling natural resources, and chemical toxins hidden in our homes, doesn’t it make sense to return to nature’s most abundant, cheap and healthy building material?

Join us to learn how to build with Cob

Join us to learn how to build with Cob