Geeli Mitti Movement Retreat : May 2023

Geeli Mitti Movement Retreat is a two-week long project which brings 4 teachers from movement practice disciplines as well as sustainable living practice. We connect with nature, we learn, explore and experiment through this laboratory, inventing various methods from movement arts disciplines.

Participants will be involved in regular movement practice for two weeks. We will explore various methods while working with movement techniques, improvisation, partnering skills, composition, and performance practice with inspiration from martial arts and yoga. Each teacher is specialized in their own creative practice which you find in their teaching description.

Artists will be involved in creation process, learning some adaptive skills, re-establishing relationship between nature and movement. Learning new skills from each other. Inventing new roles as an artist where performer, choreographer and researcher will all become one. This may also create opportunities of future collaborative projects between artists and countries.

For more information do read through the other sections here and Contact:
Abhilash Ningappa
Whatsapp: +91-9980560577

Abhilash Ningappa

Abhilash Ningappa, Founder and Artistic Director of Play Practice Artists Residency (INDIA), born and based in India. Recognised as a performer, choreographer and teacher both nationally and internationally. He post graduated in SEAD (Salzburg) and with Post Masters in APASS (Advanced performance and scenography studies) (Belgium). A yoga practitioner and a martial art teacher, trained in KalariPayattu and contemporary dance.

His workshop is focused on Improvisation based on Martial arts principles. He invented a method and practices where dancers make choices and explore the possibilities through composition – recovering and revisiting movements through creative choices and creating possibilities to create a performance. There is a warmup session which leads into various movement practices influenced by martial arts and contemporary dance – leading towards improvisation practice.

Prashant More

Prashant More is an interdisciplinary artist based in India. He engages largely in the field of dance/movement as a performer, teacher and choreographer. He studied in India and Europe. In 2012, he graduated from Attakkalari, India and worked as a Repertoire (company) Dancer. And in 2016, did intensive training in choreography and ‘Physical Experimental Performances’ in Amsterdam and Berlin. As an educator, he teaches with all age groups. His research module is called ‘Breaking Points’ in which, the approach is to find an authentic movement flow and transformation of dance vocabulary.

Breaking Points –
This movement practice offers a dancer/mover to critically develop a skill-set and body intelligence by actively deconstructing the current movement vocabulary, in order to create a risk-based space for exploration. Primarily the module deals in transformation of movement, by enhancing one’s relationship with the floor and the space in building up deep dance vocabulary.

Prashant More
Sarah Elsworth

Sarah Elsworth is a contemporary dance artist, choreographer and movement teacher from Ōtautahi, New Zealand. She graduated from UNITEC, Auckland with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, Major Contemporary Dance in 2012. She has since performed in many independent dance works, presented at multiple arts festivals throughout New Zealand and created her own choreographic works. She was awarded the Eileen May Norris Dance Scholarship in 2014, enabling her to train throughout Europe.

Collective Effervescence –
A performance and choreographic workshop exploring how we can embody ‘collective thought and action’ in our dancing body. We will test out ideas around creating & performing collectively, as well as address our individual artistic voice and how this might interact, be received, dissolved & supported by the notion of group. We will explore performance games and research improvisational scores with rules to create choreographic action that excites us and expands our creative potential.

Shagun Singh

Shagun is the founder of Geeli Mitti and has been driving innovation by making ecological architecture and innovative sustainability products available to all.
An MBA Finance, she comes with over a decade long corporate management experience, while being a certified Train The Trainer for Permaculture and several natural farming techniques including bio-dynamic farming, zero budget farming, vedic farming, mushroom cultivation, multi-layer cropping, climate-controlled farming and food processing.
She is widely regarded as a self-taught leading authority on natural architecture and been recognised by Vogue as one of the 12 leading women in India for environment conservation.

Learning with Shagun is a unique experience that is a beautiful combination of theory, demo, practice, fun, dance, stories et al. Her focus is on clearing the very roots so there is no memorisation or notes needed.

Shagun Singh

Adda, as the name suggests is where everyone gets together for movie screenings to group living and everything in between. It is full of personality, with stories pouring out of every inch as it was one of the first structures to come up at Geeli Mitti. The hastily put together tool shed turned into a 6-bed sleeping loft, and eventually grew into a 20 bedded dormitory and storage space. It is split into 5 sleeping zones at three different levels, along with serving as a movie theatre. All the levels are connected like a maze with stairs made out of bamboo.

Below the sleeping mezzanine is ‘Khazana’ or the storage, which is also divided into sections to house all the tools and supplies, laundry and stationery. The clucking and cock-a-doodle-doo is generally your wakeup alarm from hand crafted windows on the south east. Our winged friends from the chicken coop make sure that the residents wake up early.

The windows open up on all three sides to ensure good air circulation. From these, one may take a peep into the ‘Chidiyaghar’, the Geeli Mitti kitchen. This space has seen so many lifelong friendships getting formed, and dreams and innovations turning into reality. Laughter echoes from its walls and love resides in all hearts that choose to reside in here.

Food: Simple Indian vegetarian food that is fresh and satisfying.

  • Morning Tea
  • Breakfast – Poha or toast or parathas and the like.
  • Lunch – Rice, lentils, vegetables/salad
  • Evening Tea with snacks
  • Dinner – Indian or Chinese or Continental, with dessert

Option 1 :
Two-week training program –
Full Program fees including accommodation and food costs: Rs. 39,000.
Registration fees: Rs. 10,000 + GST (Rs. 1,800) = Rs.11,800 (to be paid right now to reserve your seat).
Remaining fees to be paid prior to arrival = Rs. 29,000 (by Cash or UPI).

Option 2:
It is also possible to join for just one week.
One-week training program –
Program fees including accommodation and food costs: Rs. 23,000.
Registration fees: Rs. 10,000 + GST (Rs. 1,800) = Rs. 11,800 (to be paid right now to reserve your seat).
Remaining fees to be paid prior to arrival = Rs. 13,000 (by Cash or UPI).

Please use the below bank details to pay for your registration:

Account name: Abhilash. N
Account number: 000201519201
Bank: ICICI BANK ( branch – M.G. Road)
IFSC code: ICIC0000002

or Paytm: 9980560577

(send us the screenshot of the payment receipt either by mail or whatsapp)

Whatsapp: +91 9980560577

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For more information on the modes of transport available to reach us, check out our Get In Touch page where we have a detailed guide.

We will help with the coordination with other participants for car pooling and taxi bookings from Delhi. This will be done few days prior to workshop.

Participants flying in internationally and domestically are advised to fly in to Delhi itself. Please plan to arrive at Delhi by latest by 9:00am on 4th May.’23 if you need a taxi. That way you should be able to reach Geeli Mitti by evening same day.

Those coming directly, can plan for arrival to the Geeli Mitti centre by 5:00pm latest on 4th May.’23.

  • More Information:

    Certificate of Completion will be provided to all attendees who attend the full course.

    Please note that we have 4 super friendly dogs on site so incase you don't like dogs or are super scared, this might not be the right place.

    We will also help with the logistics, coordination, car pooling and taxi bookings post registration. So do not worry about that. It is helpful though to book early, for planning.

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    To register for the Movement Retreat, send your CV to
    Deadline for application: 31st March 2023

    Calling/WhatsApp: +91 9980560577. Please call only between 10am to 5pm.

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    Due to the volume of calls and mails and it not being our favourite thing to do, responses can get missed. Please don't take it personally and just try and connect again. You will understand why it is so difficult once you are here!

    "Changing the world, one magical home at a time". - Geeli Mitti.

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Registration 10,000

Balance training fee payment details will be sent via email, along with a Welcome Letter. Registration amount will be non-refundable. Incase of course cancellation mandated by the Govt., all paid amounts will be adjustable.

Please use the below bank details to pay for your registration:
Account name: Abhilash. N
Account number: 000201519201
Bank - ICICI BANK ( branch - M.G. Road)
IFSC code: ICIC0000002
or Paytm: 9980560577
(send us the screenshot of the payment receipt either by mail or whatsapp)
Whatsapp: +91 9980560577

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May 04 - 17 2023


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