Join our natural building workshop and learn sustainable construction techniques. Explore eco-friendly materials and unleash your creativity

Building with Bamboo and Cob

A special workshop, designed to guide you through all steps of designing and building a magical ecological bamboo and mud structure for yourself.

Whether you want to start building with bamboo or cob or are just curious to know more about the possibilities of designing with these sustainable magical materials, maybe you want to meet like-minded friends or get some Geeli Mitti dose of inspiration and fun… this is for you!

You don’t need any prior experience or training. Suitable for all fitness levels and age.

15 days of immersion into natural building and life… in the hills of Nainital within a bird sanctuary with gurgling streams and forests all around.

Natural Building includes a variety of building techniques that focus on creating sustainable buildings which minimize their negative ecological impact. Natural Buildings often rely on non-industrial, minimally processed, locally available, and renewable materials and can also utilize recycled or salvaged materials.
These homes provide beauty, joy, savings and health to those who embrace it.

Registrations on first come first serve. We do tend to get full pretty soon and that’s not a marketing pitch 🙏🏻

This very special Bamboo and Cob Building workshop is carefully designed with detailed theory sessions, plantation visit, demonstrations and lots of hands-on practical work. We will be building two structures together.
The Course will include :

  • Bamboo as a regenerative building alternative
  • Bamboo species and their structure
  • Bamboo plantation and harvesting basics
  • How to treat Bamboo to prevent rot and pests
  • Bamboo joinery details and their types
  • Rope lashing techniques for bamboo roof systems and benefits of building without nails
  • Making scaled Bamboo models
  • Designing a structure with Bamboo
  • Learning to bend Bamboo for design
  • Weaving with Bamboo
  • Foundation and Truss details of Bamboo
  • Roof and Floor types with Bamboo
  • Testing soil to identify ratios of cob
  • Making cob with all kinds of soil
  • Building sculpted strong walls with cob
  • Incorporating niches, shelves, windows, glass bricks in cob
  • Learning about stone foundation and roofing styles for cob structures

Plus, Geeli Mitti is the only place in the country where you will get to actually touch, see, walk-in and experience homes built with all the below techniques including a walkthrough on how each one was built, learnings, what can go wrong, what always goes right –

— Earthbag construction
— Cob construction
— Bamboo construction
— Wattle and Daub construction
— Adobe construction
— Timber frame construction
— Stone construction
— Thatching
— Slate roof
— Living roof
— Reciprocal roof
— Earthen flooring
— Wooden flooring
— Plastering techniques
— Lime as mortar or plaster
— Wood fired rocket stove oven

There are also documentary and movie screenings held.

Teachers —

Sourabh Gujar :

“Sourabh Gujar is an architect who practices ecological design. He has been working with bamboo for the last four years in different parts of India. He works with his knowledge of rural architecture and supports building with locally available materials and techniques.

He is an alumni of CGBMT, Bangalore and BambooU, Bali and a learner for life. He is also a permaculture enthusiast.”

Naveen Kumar :

“Equipped with a B.Tech and Rural Development background, Naveen has been driven to find solutions for making basic structures from local materials available in abundance.

Naveen learnt through different places and people, including Geeli Mitti, several techniques over the years, including lashing with rope that empowers him to transform materials into custom structures. He is the one you’d look up to in a deserted island, to build the shelter and the raft!

He is a budding Permaculturist but also the Secretary of a cooperative society back in rural Palna, leading projects to empower the local community.”

Shagun Singh :

“Shagun Singh has been credited and acknowledged for her seminal work in the field of sustainable living and ecological housing solutions.

In her hands, natural materials transform into curvaceous super-homes that not only look stunning but also create an ambient temperature inside and maintain optimum humidity levels. The homes are solar passively designed to take care of energy, water and waste management needs of the residents.

Both at the Geeli Mitti research centre in Nainital, India and at govt and private universities, she has been leading education towards combating environmental pollution and reducing carbon emissions generated by the construction and real estate industry.

Shagun has been driving innovation by making sustainable architecture based products available to all. Her Foundation’s community initiatives additionally support rural communities preserve their culture and heritage with eco-tourism, vernacular architecture and traditional farming.

She comes with significant corporate management experience and is a certified Train The Trainer for Permaculture and several farming techniques. She is widely regarded as a self-taught leading authority on natural architecture and been recognised by Vogue as one of the 12 leading women in India for environment conservation.”

Abhilash Ningappa :

We have also invited a very special guest faculty to add movement, music, yoga, dance and joy to our days of building together.

“Abhilash is the Founder and Artistic Director of Play Practice Artists Residency (INDIA) in Bangalore. Recognised and won awards internationally as a performer, choreographer and teacher of improvisation and composition workshops. He is also a yoga practitioner and martial art teacher, trained in Kalari Payattu and contemporary dance. He post graduated in SEAD (Salzburg) and Post Masters in APASS (Advanced performance and scenography studies) (Belgium).”

Comfortable large bamboo and mud loft aka Adda, with dorm style sleeping on 5 different levels. Mattresses, Pillows, Sheets and Blankets available. If you have your own tent, we have space for pitching as well though we can tell you with experience that everyone falls in love with the Adda and doesn’t want to stay anywhere else 🙂

Flush common toilets with plumbing, Indian and Western style. Shower with hot water facility.

Meals are vegetarian and local cuisine cooked with love.
Fruits and eggs available on prior order, on extra charge.

Charge : Rs.700/day/person for dormitory accommodation and all meals. This is in addition to the Training Fees and needs to be paid later.

Three exclusive Geeli Mitti luxury mud cottages with private bathrooms are available at additional charge, on first come basis.

Rs.24,000 for the 15 days Bamboo and Cob training workshop. Plus GST.

No fee for children up to 9 years old. Rs.12,000 fee for children aged between 10 to 16 years.

Training fees does not include the accommodation charges.

You will receive a confirmation along with a welcome letter with dos and don’ts, post registration.

Registration will be non-refundable. If you cannot make it due to an exigency, you can however send someone in your place.

All funds, post direct costs, go to support our community initiatives. We do not ask for donations and believe sustainability of any initiative also means financial sustainability.

Add this location to your Google maps and you’re good to go!

For more information on the modes of transport available to reach us, check out our Get In Touch page where we have a detailed guide.

We will help with the coordination with other participants for car pooling and taxi bookings from Delhi. This will be done few days prior to workshop.

Participants flying in internationally and domestically are advised to fly in to Delhi itself. Please plan to arrive at Delhi by 9am on 5th Oct.’22 if you need a taxi. That way you should be able to reach Geeli Mitti by evening same day.

Those coming directly, can plan for arrival to the Geeli Mitti centre by 5.00pm on 5th Oct.’22 or else before 8.30am on 6th Oct.’22 and for departure post 1pm on 20th Oct.’22.

  • More Information:

    Certificate of Completion will be provided to all attendees who attend the full course.

    Please note that we have 4 super friendly dogs on site so incase you don't like dogs or are super scared, this might not be the right place.

    We will also help with the logistics, coordination, car pooling and taxi bookings post registration. So do not worry about that. It is helpful though to book early, for planning.

    Check out the Geeli Mitti COE (Centre of Excellence) at :

    Please read about the experience of other participants here

    Write to us at to confirm your seat or for specific queries.

    Calling/WhatsApp : +91 9540937144. Please call only between 10am to 5pm.

    You can pay and register online by filling your details below and checking out.
    However, incase you'd like to register by making a direct bank transfer, here are our account details -

    Beneficiary Name - Geeli Mitti Farms LLP
    Bank - State Bank of India
    Branch - Nainital, Uttrakhand, India
    A/C # - 37191893502
    Account type - Current Account.
    IFSC - SBIN0000687

    Amount : Rs.28,320
    (Rs.24,000 + GST).

    If making a bank transfer, do WhatsApp the transfer confirmation to us at +91 9540937144.

    Due to the volume of calls and mails and it not being our favourite thing to do, responses can get missed. Please don't take it personally and just try and connect again. You will understand why it is so difficult once you are here!

    "Changing the world, one magical home at a time". - Geeli Mitti.

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Oct 06 - 20 2022


All Day

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