Where beautiful homes, dazzling moonlight, and furry friends are your hosts.

Geeli Mitti Farms – Long after we are gone, we want to leave a permanent change in the way we humans currently live. That’s why we are building everything for the next few centuries – the homes as well as the relationships with friends. Our natural homes are flood proof, fire proof, earthquake proof, and even bullet proof that aliens will excavate 3000 years from now – still intact. While the modern concrete may rot away, our houses will stand.

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Upcoming Workshops and Learning Opportunities

If you are looking for a Corporate offsite trip or an outbound retreat for your business team, Geeli Mitti is an ideal location. Connect with nature and inspire your team in an idyllic setting amidst hand-sculpted mudhouses and oakwood forests to bring out the best in them. If you are an educational institute looking for hands-on learning opportunities and educational tours for your students, look no further. We have conducted immersive outdoor experiences with exposure to natural building and sustainability practices for young minds to expand their perspectives. Looking forward to experiencing the outdoors with friends or family? Book a customized stay at our farm and experience the magic unfold with you, your loved ones and your friends. Disconnect from the digital world and detox, while you tap into mother nature with our fun-filled activities and workshops.flying bird

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Host a memorable event

Experience luxury like never before with our hand-sculpted mud cottages. With an adjoining gurgling stream, mountain views, homemade local food, dense flora and fauna and insights into rural life, these unique stays are ideal for making your vacation in the mountains a memorable one.birds in nest

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Stay With Us

Experience luxury mud cottages

If you would like to spend some time volunteering and learning about our way of life, this is the perfect space to do so. You could be someone with an interest in sustainable building or hold some skills that would help us like photography, videography, social media handling, blog writing, wall art painting, permaculture, etc. We only take volunteers with a minimum commitment of two weeks to facilitate a meaningful exchange.bird feeding her baby

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Contribute and learn

Geeli Mitti Centre of Excellence brings in experts from various fields to run specialized courses in ecological housing and appropriate systems: natural building techniques, vernacular architecture, solar passive design, understanding terrain and soil, permaculture, water harvesting and treatment, waste management and more.bird painting

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Meet the Team

Spell casters of Geeli Mitti

Kunwar Singh is the CEO of Geeli Mitti Centre of Excellence. He takes care of every member at Geeli Mitti and remains around the farm to supervise all natural building construction.
Kunwar Singh
CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

The most humble leader you will ever meet, he takes care of each and every member at Geeli Mitti and always remains approachable. You will see him walking around the campus silently supervising everyone.

Dayal Chandra is the senior most member at Geeli Mitti Centre of Excellence at Pangot, Nainital. He looks after everything needed for natural building and permaculture works at Geeli Mitti.
Dayal Chandra

He is the most senior member at Geeli Mitti who we call when things fall apart. Our go-to person has a quick solution to everything and ensures that Geeli Mitti is always up and running in great shape.

Bella Tokri is the fitness incharge at Geeli Mitti Farms. Her beauty captivates Geeli Mitti team members and workshop participants alike.
Bella Tokri
Fitness Incharge

This beauty with dual colored eyes is the Houdini of the husky world. She detests slackers and never takes no for an answer from them. She will remain persistent and will keep you on your toes to keep you fit.

Ram Awtar is the wizard of butterflies, birds, animals and insects. Geeli Mitti falls in Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve in Kilbury-Pangot and it's a heaven for bird watchers like him. He also specializes in seed jewellery.
Ram Awtar
Wizard of Butterflies & Birds

Ram Awtar is super cool character who weaves masterpieces out of plant seeds. He is a wizard of the world of insects, butterflies, birds, animals, and plants. We secretly believe he even talks to them when no one is watching.


What our clients say about us

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How to reach us

map for reaching geeli mitti

Geeli Mitti Farms
Mahrora Village, Pangot P.O.
Nainital, Uttarakhand, India
Pincode- 263002

what to pack

To pack efficiently for your visit, consider three things: objective of the visit, weather and Geeli Mitti ethos.

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There is no best or worst time to visit Geeli Mitti. Every season brings its own colors which paints the landscape from deep green in the monsoon to red with rhododendrons in March.


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atithi devo bhavah

We strongly stand by the ancient philosophy of “Guest is God”. As a sense of responsibility towards our guests, we offer to you all that we have: knowledge, beauty, love, respect. We only hope that you do the same and take care of this space as your own. Each creation here (earthen, human or animal) is an equation of love and it’s important to us that you value it as much as we do.

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