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Spell casters of Geeli Mitti

geeli mitti CEO
Kunwar Singh
CEO (Chief Everything Officer)

The most humble leader you will ever meet, he takes care of each and every member at Geeli Mitti and always remains approachable. You will see him walking around the campus silently supervising everyone.

Dayal Chandra
Dayal Chandra

He is the most senior member at Geeli Mitti who we call when things fall apart. Our go-to person has a quick solution to everything and ensures that Geeli Mitti is always up and running in great shape.

Bella Tokri
Bella Tokri
Fitness incharge

This beauty with dual colored eyes is the Houdini of the husky world. She detests slackers and never takes no for an answer from them. She will remain persistent and will keep you on your toes to keep you fit.

Ram Awtar
Ram Awtar
Wizard of Butterflies & Birds

Ram Awtar is super cool character who weaves masterpieces out of plant seeds. He is a wizard of the world of insects, butterflies, birds, animals, and plants. We secretly believe he even talks to them when no one is watching.

Romeo Bhalu
Grievance Incharge

Our chatterbox is a seal in a husky’s avatar that you can talk to for all grievances. Rest assured, he will provide the necessary counseling. He also likes to assist Bella in dragging you through the mountains to toughen you up.

build home
Prakash Da
Jack of All Trades

And also the master of all, he takes care of the construction, masonry, and plastering. Watch him perfectly fit random stones like Lego blocks for all buildings before snapping his fingers to infuse life in them.

Raju Da
Raju Da

Most of the meals at Geeli Mitti are a result of Raju Da’s work in the kitchen. When he is not cooking, he assists us in stone masonry and other natural building activities around the farm. Some find him very handsome.

Chief Sorcerer

Shagun has been building and manifesting since she was a little girl, and perhaps in previous incarnations. Each work of Geeli Mitti is a result of the potions she brews at night and the strategic paths get charted via her crystal ball. While we are still figuring out the rest of her magical prowess, let’s also get to know more about her ordinary human disguise.

Shagun Singh is the founder of Geeli Mitti and has been driving innovation by making ecological architecture and sustainability products available to all. Widely regarded as a self-taught leading authority on natural building, Shagun consults for Central and State Governments and spends a large part of her time travelling to teach and shape policies for the environment, housing, culture and the greater good. Her Foundation’s community initiatives, additionally support rural communities preserve their culture and heritage with eco-tourism, vernacular architecture and farming systems.

She is a certified Train The Trainer for Permaculture and several natural farming techniques including bio-dynamic farming, zero budget farming, vedic farming, mushroom cultivation, multi-layer cropping, climate-controlled farming and food processing.

Though media shy, she has been felicitated by several including being recognised by Vogue as one of the 12 leading women in India for environment conservation.

From a conventional education perspective, Shagun has been a scholarship meritorious student throughout, with an MBA background. She comes with over a decade long senior corporate management experience with MNCs like DTZ, Fitness First, Guthy-Renker and Clove Dental, before walking down the social entrepreneurial path over last 10 years.

Shagun’s interests are as varied as her work. She has been a combative martial arts enthusiast. She is a healer who has practiced with crystals, tarot and pranic healing. She enjoys traditional dancing and music. Her dream travel modes are horse riding and para-motoring.

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