pushtaini Golghar

Golghar was the first ever structure built in Geeli Mitti out of Earthbag technique with the reciprocal roof frame covered with thatch being the ultimate show stealer. Around ten people were involved in the making of this home and houses the energy and memories of each one of them. Opening the door leads you to a circular space, with light penetrating from all the opening as well as the roof that sits on top like a fancy hat. The south facing window brings in the winter sunlight onto a cob bench attached to it.

Three slim windows funnels in beautiful morning light and summer breeze from north-east. There is an attached kitchen, leading to a secret passage which is covered with transparent roof for a well-lit rain protected space. On the left of this passage rests a vertical herb wall and the right face has two doors, one opening into the bathing room while the other comprises the toilet. In between these two doors stands a basin. Grey water from these two, goes to food forest, banana circle and other water loving plants. The end of this passage leads to the lawn in front.

The doors to each of our enchanted homes are open now. Come, experience the magic of living in a one-of-a-kind, hand sculpted, mud home.

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Making of Pushtaini Golghar

window sketch

05 Days

Foundation & Plinth

Dry Stone masonry foundation, 2 ft in depth, stone Plinth 8 inch high with mud mortar.

10 Days


Earthbag Wall, filled with unseaved site soil. Bathrooms walls are done in stone masonry using mud mortar, clad with local slate and lime.

window sketch

15 Days


Base coat inside the room is done using a mix of clay, site soil and straw, finished using clay wash and bathroom has been plastered in lime and sand.

05 Days

Doors & Windows

The door and all the window shutters along wih their frame are done in peakwood.

window sketch

20 Days


Reciprocal roof frame with grass thatching.

07 Days


Repurposed pinewood flooring done over MS frame.

Glimpses of Golghar

Earthbag Homes Around the World


by Atulya

The inspiration behind The Earthbag Golghar. Took 6 weeks to build and cost ~ INR 350,000.

by Kaki & Doni

One of the first structures by renowned Earthbag builder, Kaki Hunter with her partner, Doni Kiffmeyer.

by Owen Geiger

Earth-sheltered Earthbag shed by Owen Geiger for ~ INR 20,000. Geiger explains how to build your own at Mother Earth News.

by Kikuma Watanabe

Japanese architect, Kikuma Watanabe's vision of an Eco Village for an East African Community
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