Join the acclaimed International PDC course to learn design thinking and practise regenerative food production working with soil, air, water and more.

International PDC course with Holi Celebrations

The word, Permaculture (Permanent Culture) was coined by two Australians, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Permaculture borrows from indigenous wisdom across the world as well as modern developments and concepts.

Permaculture in its core sense, is a design science for creating productive ecosystems. It follows the principles of nature and teaches one to live abundantly in harmony with all the diversity around. One can practice permaculture from a space as small as a balcony, a farm house, all the way up to the whole planet.

If you’ve been waiting for a workshop to learn the ins and outs of systematically designing a farm space and living a truly sustainable lifestyle, then this is it! Geeli Mitti is back with our much-awaited International Permaculture Design Certification course.

The Geeli Mitti CoE (Centre of Excellence) at Nainital is much beyond a permaculture farm as the term is typically understood. We are located within the ecologically diverse Naina Devi Bird Conservation Zone and surrounded by gurgling streams and Himalayan oak forest. The campus is set-up to offer –

: high quality international PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) courses and demonstrate permaculture practices and principles.

: extensive demonstrable natural building techniques and workshops.

: community volunteering services and projects for livelihood generation.

No prior experience or training of any sort is required. Suitable for all fitness levels and age.

This course is a 16 days immersion into permaculture and sustainability, from 16th to 31st March’24.

And the bonus is that amidst the course, you will get to celebrate the festival of Holi in the most unique and fun way with home made natural colours, which we will make with plants foraged from the forest and other natural edibles. Post the celebration, experience washing off in the fresh mountain stream itself.

Whether you’re looking to design your own home or farm sustainably, practice permaculture as a profession, or maybe you want to meet like-minded friends or get some Geeli Mitti dose of inspiration… this is for you!

This is a comprehensive and intense workshop designed for you to learn under the guidance of the seasoned Geeli Mitti team.  There will be detailed theory sessions and hands-on experiences supported by demonstrations. You’ll emerge transformed as to how you live and interact with all the life forms around you.

Here’s a list of some of the topics we will be covering as part of the PDC:

Introduction to Permaculture: definition, concept, history, ethics and principles, and applied aspects of permaculture.

Analysis of natural resources: sun, water, air, soil, biodiversity.

Concepts and principles of natural systems: observations and learning from natural systems like forests.

Climates and Micro-climates: different seasons, climatic zones, creating microclimates.

Mapping: understanding base maps, drawings, mapping to scale.

Sectors Analysis: site survey, identification and analysis of natural forces and human based forces.

Zone planning: identifying elements and placement in various zones.

House design and Natural Building: appropriate siting, various natural building techniques, understanding your soil for construction.

Food forest: food crops- vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruits, herbs, medicinal and other plants; soil preparation, cropping patterns and companion planting; composting and plant nutrients; crop storage and post-harvest management.

Seeds: Seed selection, seed politics, seed preservation, seed storage, nursery work.

Pest Management: beneficial insects, pollinators v/s pests, pest identification and various management techniques.

Animal Integration and systems: role of animals, their uses, animal care, integrating system design.

Water and waste systems: water cycles, water harvesting, ponds, swales, grey and black water management, composting.

Community integration: community care, marketing and connections.


7:30 am: Morning Tea

8:30-9:30 am: Breakfast

9:30am-1:00pm: Sessions, with one break

1:00- 3:00 pm: Lunch break

3:00pm-6:00pm: Sessions with a tea break

7:00 pm: Dinner

8:00pm: Documentary screening/movies/discussions/slide shows (optional)


Shagun Singh

Shagun Singh is the founder of Geeli Mitti Farms, Geeli Mitti Foundation, Tuk-Tuk Gilhari animal sanctuary and Tales To Live eco-hospitality services.

Shagun has been driving change over the last decade by making sustainable living systems accessible to all.

Realizing the immense potential in the subsiding domain of farming and natural building, she founded Geeli Mitti, a social enterprise based in Nainital District, Uttarakhand that is carrying out pioneering research and training in the field of sustainable living and ecological housing solutions.

As a Social Entrepreneur, she consults stakeholders in government and private projects, leads and mentors teams of consultants, engineers, architects and students through understanding permaculture systems, natural material buildings and research, all while contributing actively towards multiple rural community livelihood initiatives. Her workshops and training sessions marry traditional wisdom with modern advances to promote a better cohesive environmentally-friendly way of living. She established the Geeli Mitti Research Cum Training Centre with an intent to offer certified courses on permaculture, ecological architecture, solar passive design, energy, water and waste management systems.

Shagun has been certified with Govt. Centres of Excellence for natural farming, zero budget farming, bio-dynamic farming, poly-house farming, multi-layer farming, mushroom cultivation and processing. She is an internationally certified Permaculture Designer and a Train the Trainer for perma-culturists wanting to teach.

Shagun has also been recognised by VOGUE as one of the leading women in India for environment and climate change.

She writes a dedicated weekly column on Sustainable Living in the Dainik Jagran newspaper.

She is also often invited as a Guest Speaker and Teacher at many colleges, in addition to speaking at govt. forums across the country.

She is an AMFI certified financial investment expert who was awarded the ‘Ernst and Young Scholarship for Meritorious Students’ and the ‘Sudarshan Batra Scholarship for the Ideal Infinite’ during her Masters in Business Administration.


Gaurav is a commerce graduate from Pune University. Post graduation in 2005, he worked for 8 years in the field of Adventure sports and Experiential Education. During this time, he was introduced to the idea of functional architecture & Permaculture.

He completed his PDC with Rico & Narsanna in 2015 & worked with Narsanna for 2 years at Aranya. He also did his Permaculture Teachers Training with Rosemary Morrow in 2018.
Since completion of his first PDC in 2015, Gaurav has been a practitioner of Permaculture, working on 10+ projects since then. He now works as a full time Regenerative Design Practitioner, setting up farms & forests.

Gaurav’s early life was spent in Lakhimpur Kheri (Terai, UP), where his parents live & in Dehradun, where he was in a boarding school for 11 years.


Rs.35,000 (USD 425) for the 16 days International Permaculture Design Course.

Registration amount to reserve your place right now is Rs.10,000 (USD 125)  plus GST. Balance training fees to be paid as per email communication that will be sent post-registration.

You will receive a confirmation email along with a welcome letter with dos and don’ts.

Registration will be non-refundable. There is no cancellation permitted. However, If you can’t make it, you can send someone else in your place, with prior intimation.

Training Fees does not include stay and food. Please refer to the ‘Accommodation’ section for that.

All funds, post direct costs, go to support our community initiatives. We do not ask for donations and believe sustainability of any initiative also means financial sustainability.

# If you are truly financially challenged and cannot raise the full fees, you can apply for a 50% partial scholarship on both training and stay charges. We have 2 seats for this. Decision of our committee will be final on candidate selection.

To apply for the scholarship, send an email to with your CV and cover letter specifying your family background, total family income, your education, skills, interests, why do you want to do this course and why should the scholarship be given to you. Incomplete application with any of the above specified details missing, will be rejected.

Multiple options available for varying budgets and preferences.

  1. Dormitory-style with shared bathroom block.

Comfortable large space with dorm style sleeping on different levels.
Mattresses, Pillows, Sheets and Blankets are all provided.

Rs.900 (USD 12)/day/person, inclusive of food.

  1. Pitch your own tent.

If you have your own tent, we have space for pitching as well, though we can tell you with experience that everyone falls in love with our dormitory spaces and doesn’t want to stay in a small tent.

Common bathroom block available for use.

Rs.900 (USD 12)/day/person, inclusive of food.

  1. Spacious tents, with private bathroom.

Full height, furnished tents are available with option of double bed set-up or twin beds.

All linen and blankets are provided.

Rs.3400 (USD 42)/day for 2 people, inclusive of food.

  1. Luxurious mud cottages with private bathroom.

Three of our exclusive cottages are available, for families or on twin sharing basis. It is an experience to remember.

Cottages have their own hot water kettle, bedding, towels.

Rs.5000-6000 (USD 62-72)/day for 2 people, inclusive of food.

Shoes/slippers need to be opened outside all the living and sleeping areas.

Meals are common for all residents, buffet style. Vegetarian.
– Morning Tea
– Breakfast
– Mid day Tea/cooling drink
– Lunch
– Evening Tea
– Dinner

Fruits and eggs can be made available on prior order, on extra charge basis.

Add this location to your Google maps and you’re good to go!

For more information on the modes of transport available to reach us, check out our Get In Touch page where we have a detailed guide.

We will help with the coordination with other participants for carpooling and taxi bookings from Delhi. This will be done few days prior to workshop.

Participants flying in internationally and domestically are advised to fly in to Delhi itself. Please plan to arrive at Delhi latest by 8:30am on 15th Mar.’24 if you need a taxi. That way you should be able to reach Geeli Mitti by evening same day.

Those coming directly, can plan for arrival to the Geeli Mitti CoE by 5:00pm latest on 15th Mar.’24 or else before 8:30am on 16th Mar.’24 and for departure post 1:00pm on 31st Mar.’24

  • More Information:

    Certificate of Completion will be provided to all attendees who attend the full course.

    Please note that we have 4 super friendly dogs on site so incase you don't like dogs or are super scared, this might not be the right place.

    We will also help with the logistics, coordination, car pooling and taxi bookings post registration. So do not worry about that. It is helpful though to book early, for planning.

    Check out the Geeli Mitti COE (Centre of Excellence) at :

    Please read about the experience of other participants here

    Write to us at to confirm your seat or for specific queries.

    Calling/WhatsApp: +91 9540937144. Please call only between 10am to 5pm.

    You can pay and register online by filling your details below and checking out.

    Due to the volume of calls and mails and it not being our favourite thing to do, responses can get missed. Please don't take it personally and just try and connect again. You will understand why it is so difficult once you are here!

    "Changing the world, one magical home at a time". - Geeli Mitti.

Sold out!


Mar 16 - 31 2024


All Day

Ticket Price

INR 10,000




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